Avoid These Five Foods and Liquids Before Your Appointment With The Hygienist

Do you have an upcoming appointment with the hygienist? Do you want to keep your teeth clean and shiny to impress the hygienist? You want to show the hygienist that your teeth are in a healthy condition so that you avoid the dreaded recommendation of potential further treatment. Whilst your food and drink choices in your diet might be healthy for you, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy for your teeth.

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If you’re wondering what food and drink to avoid before you sit on the dental chair, read on here. We have identified five victuals which you should avoid at least 24 hours from your appointment with the hygienist.

The Five Avoidable Victuals

  • Sugary and Chewy Treats

Sugar is well-known to have a degrading effect on your teeth, and it is important that you don’t consume any sugary treats before your appointment such as candy or sweets. If you have a sweet tooth, it is recommended that you reduce your sugar intake to a minimum. Sugar creates bacteria in the mouth, producing acids that could lead to tooth decay. Also, sugar tends to reduce your energy levels, and you need to your energy levels to be stable through the appointment.

  • Citrus

Citrus is known for containing high-levels of acid. Acid remains on your teeth reduces the strength of your enamel. It typically takes some time for your enamel to harden again. In your appointment, during the check-up and clean, the enamel could scrape off before it recovers its strength. This leads to permanent enamel damage.

  • Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol-related products are the worst particularly if you are expecting to have some dental work completed. If it’s identified by the hygienist that your teeth are not up to the required standard, they may recommend different forms of treatment. Treatment sometimes may require local anaesthesia to be applied and mixing with alcohol makes it anaesthesia to be less effective, causing more bleeding in the mouth. Regular alcohol also risks chances of oral cancer, which will easily be identifiable by the hygienist.

  • Popcorn

Popcorn is considered a healthy snack, but only if not drowned in lumps of butter and oil. It can easily get stuck in your teeth and makes it difficult for the hygienist to perform the scale and polish. Hold off from eating popcorn after the dentist to make the procedure smoother.

  • Dried Meat Such as Beef Jerky

Dried meat products can get caught in many awkward places in your teeth that even a hygienist may be unable to find. Especially if you wear natural braces where it would be very difficult to remove those stubborn stains. The only opportunity to remove those stains before an appointment is if you deep floss beforehand. To avoid the stress, avoid these products before your appointment.

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Final Points

There are many dietary food choices which only deliver benefits to your overall health. You must be acutely aware of the dangers that some foods may have to your teeth. Foods high in sugar and carbohydrates reduces energy levels and increases stress making you feel restless during your appointment.

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