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Have You Recently Had Dental Veneers Fitted? Avoid These Foods For Long Lasting Results

Dental Veneers are designed to deliver that Hollywood looking smile and you want to make sure you keep it for years to come. This does not come easy though. You may be required to give up some of your favourite foods to ensure you keep your veneers healthy and strong.

There are two kinds of veneers; permanent and temporary. You should expect to feel sensitivity particularly if you’ve temporary veneers fitted because they are so delicate. Temporary veneers are made with acrylic. They aren’t meant to stay on your teeth forever and can also contract stains easily. Therefore, it is important you eat the right foods to prevent this and prevent them from falling out.


With proper care, permanent veneers can last for a maximum of 15 years. Made with porcelain material, they are unlikely to fall off as they’re attached to the front of your teeth. But you still must look after them if you want them to last longer.

Foods To Avoid With Temporary Veneers

  • Dry and chewy meats such as beef jerky, steak and red meat
  • Sugary and chewy candy
  • Chewy nuts and seeds such as almonds or walnuts
  • Foods with hard crust such as toast, bread or pizza
  • All kinds of chocolate
  • Dark liquids which discolour your teeth such as coffee and soft drinks
  • Potato foods including chips

All the foods listed can be difficult to bite down and consume with fitted veneers. Consuming these foods will increase sensitivity in your mouth and cause your veneers to fall out. The acrylic material needs extra care when fitted. You may also experience sensitivity when moving your jaw and attempting to speak. Temporary veneers usually take 3 days minimum to settle in your mouth.

Foods To Avoid With Permanent Veneers

  • Acidic liquids such as citrus and fizzy drinks
  • All smoking products including cigarettes, e-cigarettes and tobacco
  • All kinds of alcohol unless recommended by the dentist for mouth pain
  • Reduce intake of hot drinks such as tea and coffee
  • Sugary and chewy candy
  • Dry and chewy meats such as beef jerky, steak and red meat

Permanent Veneers are more likely to deliver that Hollywood look. The porcelain material is molded and shaped exactly the way you want it to transform your smile. They are also resistant to staining. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of the food and drink you consume with the veneers fitted. Acidic foods and liquids must be avoided at all costs to avoid erosion of enamel.

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Final Points

If the food and drink listed above are part of your daily diet, you may find it difficult to initially avoid them entirely. We recommend the consumption of them are kept to a minimum. Everyone loves a treat and the odd fatty food. However, for your shine to remain permanent on your veneers, maintain a balanced diet and include clear food and drink. This should include things such as filtered water, boiled vegetables and soup.

If you’re a dental veneer patient and want more information or are looking to apply dental veneers to experience that Hollywood smile, Mentone Dentist is ready to transform your smile. Contact us now and check yourself in!



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