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Cosmetic Dentistry at Hills Dental Design

Get A Smile Makeover At Hills Dental Design

Are you thinking how we can care and improve the smile appearance? Cosmetic dentistry at Hills Dental Design it isn’t just about whitening teeth or placing veneers. It’s about taking a comprehensive approach to your smile with the implementation of dentofacial aesthetics.

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What Is Your Cosmetic Treatment of Choice?

Your smile has the ability to bring a little slice of happiness to not only yourself but also all those around you. If you are feeling about smile is waning, it could be time to consider a cosmetic treatment solution.

Here at Hills Dental Design in Pennant Hills, we work diligently to ensure the treatment outcome will be perfectly matched to both your features and personality. Whether you are feeling embarrassed about minor tooth misalignment, discolouration, cracks, oddly shaped teeth or even gaps, we may be able to provide the perfect solution for you.

When we assess your smile, we look at it in its entirety including the balance and harmony of your face. We can then determine suitable course of treatment which may include a singular treatment or a combination of services. Our range of cosmetic services includes both dental treatments as well as dentofacial aesthetics so we can create your best smile.

With tested and proven technology and techniques, Hills Dental Design can help you achieve great results.

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During your consultation in our Pennant Hills office, we will assess your smile with a cosmetic analysis to ensure your treatment plan is specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Your cosmetic analysis will generally include an evaluation of your needs and wants with consideration to your oral and overall health ensure the treatment is suitable. We may take a few photos as a point of reference and to ensure that we have all of the information necessary prior to commencing your treatment.

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