Sleep Through Your Dental Visit

Sedation Dentistry at Hills Dental Design

Anxious patients in our clinic are offered a choice of sedation options, which includes inhalational (Penthrox) or intravenous. Intravenous sedation involves some preparation and is generally for patients requiring surgical procedures like wisdom teeth extraction.

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When Sedation Dentistry Is Required

Sedation dentistry is the perfect solution for the individual who may have developed a deep-seated fear of dental work due to a negative dental experience in the past or a family history of dental phobia

Here at Hills Dental Design, we offer dentistry under sedation that allows the patient to go through complex dental treatments without feeling any pain. Although you will be conscious during the procedure, you will be at ease and in a deeply relaxed frame of mind.

Sedation dentistry is the preferred option for patients who suffer high anxiety with dental treatment and also for those patients requiring extensive dental work or who have exceptionally sensitive teeth or strong gag reflexes.

Penthrox Inhaler

High levels of pre-operative anxiety are common among some patients who need dental treatment. This fear and anxiety may deter patients from consulting with a dentist and can create far more serious problems for the patient down the track.

When the treatment is delayed, the need for dental work becomes more urgent, more costly and often more difficult for both the patient and the practitioner. Sedation dentistry in our Pennant Hills office can help you prevent this.

Penthrox inhaler is a simple hand-held device, often referred to as the ‘Green Whistle’. Since 1978, ambulance services throughout Australia have administered Penthrox as a first-line analgesic agent. It has been used to relieve anxiety and reduce pain in several clinical settings.

Using Penthrox is beneficial in that it is safe for use in the clinic, has a relatively short lifespan (the effects start wearing off in about 15 minutes) and eliminates the need for nasal masks and cumbersome anaesthetic equipment. Most patients prefer the inhaler because of its ease of use, minimal side effects and the immediate reduction in anxiety, which helps with easier acceptance of treatment.

Since Penthrox is self-administered under supervision it offers a greater sense of security and comfort. After all, at Hills Dental Design we are all about making your experience at our Pennant Hills dental office as pleasant and relaxing as we possibly can.

How Does It Work?

  • Initial examinations
  • Patients in pain or discomfort
  • Emergency situations
  • Prior to the administration of local anaesthetic
  • During uncomfortable procedures that may cause some patients discomfort such as:
  • Removal of temporary crowns or bridges
  • Hand scaling and root planning
  • Ultrasonic scaling
  • Taking of impressions
  • Extractions
  • Placement of implants

Intravenous Sedation

At Hills Dental Design, we also offer intravenous sedation to our patients. This type of sedation provides anxiety and pain relief during complex or time consuming surgery such as wisdom teeth extraction.

Dr Briggs is trained in delivering the anaesthetic and monitoring your body’s reaction during treatment. It’s our aim to make you feel as relaxed as possible and you may have little or no memory of your surgery whilst under the sedation.

To find out more about the different sedation and pain relief options we have available in our Pennant Hills office, contact us today! Let us know about your dental anxiety problem so we can help you ease your way into positive oral health.